A number of Addons designed to make Roleplay richer / run more smoothly are aviable for download around the Internet.


An addon that lets you add Title, Last name, Nickname, and a description of your Character in your Tooltip.

The edited Tooltip can be seen by other users of the FlagRSP2 Addon, as well as users of similar addons.

The addon let's your tooltip say if you're currently In Character, Out of Character, and similar, as well.


Similar functions as FlagRSP, although it has more options. The addon is currently in it's Beta Stages. MyRolePlay is more widely used on some servers than others.


Transforms your speech into a set dialect, or even lets you speak and understand customly made languages!

With an extra download, you can create your own languages as well.


An addon that let's you create written items (like books and notes) and Instruments / props that can trigger emotes or macro's. The addon also let's you create Containers, locks and keys, that items can be put into. Although a wide variety of items can be created, these are not equippable, and are stored in separate bags provided by the addon. Only other ephmeral-users can recieve and make use of the items created with the addon.

(Ephmeral Has not been updated in 6 months and is incompatable with the most recent Wow patch, 3.0.2)

All of the Addons listed here can be downloaded at , and a variety of similar pages.

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