Agathra Bellington
Guild Last Stand
Gender Female
Race Forsaken
Class Priest
Faction Horde

Agathra Bellington is a member of Last Stand.

General Information

  • Age: She was in her mid 20's before turning into an undead.
  • Marital status: Married to George "Stiff" Bellington
  • Occupation: Seamstress, Enchantress, Housewife
  • Languages: Gutterspeak, Orcish
  • Likes: Shadow magic, Making her husbands "life" a living hell.
  • Nickname: Aga


  • Hair: Greyish blonde
  • Eye color: They used to be blue at some point...
  • Other Features: Missing a kneecap.


Before the plague Agathra lived a luxurious, overprotected life in her parents huge mansion. Life was perfect, and on top of that she was dating this really handsome young man called George.

One day George asked her to marry him and she said yes. Later they held a big expensive wedding, and life was even better than before..... but suddenly there was a dark cloud over their head. The plague had started to roam around, devouring people on its way. Anyone could have been next. They decided to leave their homeland and go on a honeymoon somewhere far, somewhere safe.

Their honeymoon started out great. It was on the second day of their honeymoon though, when Agathra got a telegram from her dearest friend. Her friend had found out that George had been cheating on Agathra. Many times. With many different women.

Her world was shattered, she was so furious that she decided to poison her husband and blame the plaque of his sudden death. No one would know, no one. She would get away with it and start a new life. Everything would be fine again. But plague decided otherwise, they had both been contaminated and she died a couple of weeks after murdering her husband.

That was it. They were buried together, and they woke up and suffer together now as the Forsaken.

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