Guild Unguilded
Gender Female
Race Night Elf
Class Hunter
Faction Alliance

Basic Information

Age: Quite young
Realm: Defias Brotherhood EU


Aibreann is friendly while still being mysterious, she likes to keep her distance but not to the extent where she appears cold. Her fondness for nature is her main passion in life, and she rarely leaves the forest of Ashenvale unless it's for a very good cause. Patriotic to the Alliance, and her own people she fights constantly in the Warsong Gulch, and has found herself to enjoy the battle. When not in battle or with her animal companion, she can be found patrolling Ashenvale or with her small group of defenders.


Aibreann is quite small for a Night Elf but taller than most "mortal" races. Her long midnight blue hair is always found tied back, keeping it out of her face as she battles. Aibreann's skin has grown dark from her many years in the forest, as her hair has. While still being feminine she is quite muscled and clearly strong, this is also shown by the heavy equipment she carries.

The markings around her eyes look like leaves, and have grown dark purple, assisting her hiding in the forest. The expression on her face is normally a snarl, however she can appear content depending on the company she's holding.

The leather armour she wears is not amazingly made, in fact it looks as if she's stitched it by hand, but it's strong and that much is clear. In her hand she carries a single axe, glinting in the sun, if it ever happens to touch her. The axe is clearly razor sharp. Across her back is hung a large bow, it looks incredible heavy and is resting on a quiver full of arrows. Aibreann is clearly a warrior.


"There are no stories written containing Aibreann at the moment..."

"Some are however in progress..."


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