Thormagon Blood Elf Hunter by peachiekeenie

Aldarom Niterein was a Blood-elf born in eversong woods, since his youth he was raised within a military tradition of his family and later on decided to leave his homeland to travel the world and eventualy became one of the most renown and famous mercenary, becoming the leader of the Organization known as Dark Hunters Enclave.


Despite his tough childhood and military training, aldarom became a very calm person, his nerves of steel saved his life not only once but multiple times. He was aways very honorable and respectful to all forms of life, but he is also known for beeing completely umpredictable, many say that even if someone sees a smile in his face, that could mean that he is very anger or maybe worried, this unic personality makes him a very dangerous man. Aldarom is a natural leader with a might presence on the battlefield, had lad many armies and battle squad diring his life, his allys use to say that as soon as you see him fight along with you on the battlefield it gives corage to all man and a strenght to crush the oponent as the oposite effect seens to befal them.


Early Life

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