Zul'fan groaned slightly. His head felt as if a kodo herd had walked over it.

Slowly, conciousness came to the Troll. As he lay on the ground, his glazed eyes seemed to stare at the clouded night sky of Stranglethorn Vale above him.

Zul'fan's eyes cleared up for a moment as he remembered what he had been through. They quickly glazed over again, however, as he subconciously forced his mental activity to a minimum.

He didn't look down at himself as he slowly rose. Nor did he when he began limping through the jungle. Behind him, low guffaws of mean-spirited laughter was heard. Eyes followed him. As did raised spears and bows, but Zul'fan neither noticed (nor would he have cared).

"I wonder where Misty..." Again Zul'fan's eyes grew distant. No thinking of that.

By chance more than design, the Troll walked in the general direction of Grom'Gol, leaving the old Troll ruins farther and farther behind. What little clothes he had on was tattered, and he was unarmed.

When the Troll spotted the first signs of light from Grom'Gol, he gasped. For a moment, his eyes lighted up, and his face showed eagerness. Had he been able to see his own face at that moment, he would probably have run away screaming. His tusks were cracked...His eyes looked as if he had been staring at the sun for many months, and his lips were cracked.

The Troll absently scratched his left arm. It was sore. Looking briefly down at it, he was surprised to find only a few marks there, where there had once been many.

"No matter" he croaked. "We trolls....Regenerate..Fast."

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