Arelle Lestrange
File:Arelle lestrange.jpg
Guild Shadows of the Flame
Gender Female
Race Human
Class Mage
Faction Alliance

Arelle Lestrange is a young mage in the service of the Ebon Flame. She is an apprentice to the pyromancer Verannion Whizzlefire.

General Information

  • Apperance: A fairly plain-looking human with auburn hair.
  • Age: Around 25
  • Born: Ambermill, Silverpine
  • Father: Elberic
  • Mother: Hannah
  • Siblings: None
  • Children: None
  • Marital Status: Single


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((This is Arelle's background as she tells it to others. It may or may not be her 'true' background))

Arelle was born in Ambermill, Silverpine, almost 25 years ago. Her father was a native of Gilneas, although his marriage to an outsider forced him to live outside the walls of that kingdom. Her father was a cobbler who travelled Lordaeron peddling his trade, and she saw him very rarely. Early in Arelle's childhood, her family moved to the town of Caer Darrow, as her mother took up a job as a chambermaid with the Barov family. When she was old enough, Arelle too was taken into service. Both of her parents had died of illness or old age by the time Arelle reached adulthood.

Shortly before the plague, the Barovs sent Arelle south to Hillsbrad - a move which probably saved her life. When the news of the plague reached Southshore, Arelle fled to Stormwind along with many other residents of that town. She found work in the city, but soon began to resent the manual work and wish she'd had more than a meager schooling as a child. She started to spend her free hours in the library at Northshire Abbey, where a novice mage noticed her and taught her a little of his art.

By this time, the war was over and the lands had returned to a state of relative peace. Her work in the city had brought many rumours to her ears, tales of a band of knights, led by a Night Elf warrior of great skill, whose deeds brought them fame throughout the land. However, one of their order intrigued her most, the great pyromancer Verannion Whizzlefire. She set herself the task of seeking him out. One evening, in Stormwind, she approached the gnome with her request: she would have him take her on as an apprentice. Although wary at first, he relented after presenting her with several tests, all of which she passed.

She is currently serving as Verannion's apprentice.

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