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Some key characters:

Maarynnix Flameweaver: A Draenei whom arrived on the Exodar as it smashed into the ground. He was lucky to survive as he was int he frontal portion of the ship. As he lay dieing, a silouhetted charcter approached him, stating he could help. This figure, later to be known as The Lich King, returned Maarynnix to his living state, but at the cost of his soul, Thus making him a Death Knight. What he later did was not a very pleasant memory for him. Arthas had ordered him to kill a Draenei in a nearby church. Little did Maarynnix know that this Draenei was his very own brother. Horrified by this act, Maarynnix broke free of Arthas's control and fled into the forests nearby. He ran and ran...Until he came upon Stormwind. To this day he has not found his purpouse, though he has been travelling to Northrend periodically....


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Key Characters:

Alynthe Runeweaver: Blood Elf Death Knight

After falling behind at Death's Breach just before the battle for Light's Hope Chapel, Alynthe did not witness Arthas' betrayal and followed him back to Northrend. She has remained in service to the Lich King until his recent defeat. She fled to Silvermoon City in search of her past, having no memory from life. She is currently trying to find her way in the city, but is troubled by those her despise her kind.

Avalonna: Blood Elf Rogue
Bont: Tauren Druid
Boogie: Undead Warrior
Daulen: Blood Elf Paladin
Ikthael: Undead Rogue
Jadamine: Blood Elf Paladin
Kaziluke: Blood Elf Mage
Mithian Coldhand: Blood Elf Mage
WoWScrnShot 020910 192357

Mithian Coldhand

Raylanara: Blood Elf Death Knight
Schanx: Blood Elf Rogue
Tindis: Blood Elf Paladin
Zultoten: Troll Death Knight

Key Stories:

Raylanara and Boogie

Characters Involved:

Alynthe, Avalonna, Bont, Boogie, Daulen, Ikthael, Kaziluke, Mithian, Raylanara

The Ongoing Story:

The Library

Characters Involved:

Bont, Mithian, Schanx

The Story:

Daulen and Jadamine

Characters Involved:

Daulen, Jadamine, Mithian

The Ongoing Story:


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