Originally formed upon Argus by Melchamas Raa'lar and Saalane Y'sua to defend the developing soceity of the Eredar. This order tutored Eredar how to use their magic for the defensive purposes of their nation.


The Argun Arcane Guard was a military defensive branch of Eredar that sought to protect their developing society. They mastered both magical and physical froms of combat and quickly became powerful and stout defenders of the Eredar. Within the order there were 4 ranks: the Ai'Luee, the Ai'Sraz, the Ai'Auir and finally the Arogai. These ranks determined what martial and magcial skills the Eredar were proficient in.

With the destruction of Argus, the Argun Arcane Guard faded away. Many members followed Melchamas when he joined Archimonde in allegeance to the Legion.They re-joined when he reformed the defence as The Flamewrath Division, a new order to protect Eredar interest within the Legion. What members didn't share Melchamas' loyalty towards Archimonde followed Velen and left what memories of the guard they had upon the burning wastes of Argus.

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