The Arogai

The highest rank within the Argun Arcane Guard, only Melchamas Raa'lar, Saalane Y'sua and a few select, gifted Eredar attained this rank of awesome power. Among these was Varuun the Arcaknight, one of Melchamas' firmest friends and trustees. He ruled underneath Melchamas and Saalane.

The Arogai had knowledge of all known Arcane, Fire and Frost magic available to existing Mages in Azeroth, as well as ancient spells only the Eredar knew. They also had limited understanding of Holy magic, and could thus, heal wounds.

Trained to be proficient in all forms of weaponry and armour, the Arogai were an incredible force to be reckoned with. Their deadliness at close-quarters and range made them feared to those whom threatened Mac'Aree. The Arogai functioned as the high guard of the Eredar, usually reserved for the entourage of the Triumvirate.

Although techincally the Arogai perished with the formation of the Flamewrath Division, there exist some similarly trained Eredar, (or more correctly, Draenei): the Arcaknights led by Varuun the Arcaknight. These Draenei seek to rekinlde the Arogai training lost tens of thousands years ago.

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