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Guild Gaurdians of Yggdrasil
Gender male
Race Human / Worgen
Class Mage
Faction Alliance


Basic information:

Physical appearence:

Arthaban is a blonde haired human (most of the time) of about fifty years old. He looks very young however, and appears to be not much over his thirty's. This often confuses people, especially those younger then him. He mostly wears black, or other dark colours. The robe he wears is the same one that once belonged to Arugal, and it's almost impossible to miss the three stones, magicaly floating above his head.


Arthaban comes from Gilneas, and is proud to do so. But, since he is fifty years old, and has been traveling since he was able to, he spent most of his time outside Gilneas, so he didn't grew up with the idea of a perfect Gilneas. The last twenty years in wich the Greymane wall kept him home did influence him however, but most of the time it's not that bad. He is always willing to help others, and often loses complete track of whatever he was doing to help them. According to him, there is always more to learn, and he intends to do so. Not the agressive fighting type, but able to do so if needed, Arthaban is a reliable friend, and good company. He ussualy doesn't drink, but when he gets depressed he often drowns his sorrows...That's also when we find out why he doesn't drink normally...DISASTERS TEND TO HAPPEN!! He is also very tolerant, and feels no hate for the Horde. He thinks that everyone is free to make their own choices, and thus not every orc has to be fond of the ways the horde handles, and so they could be friends...Or at least, no enemies. This has proven right, since he has several friends in the Horde. This attitude comes from his time as a worgen savage. When the ritual was completed to return his command over his forms, he realized that, since not all worgen are evil, why should all Horde members? He is, however, not stupid, and knows that even though this may be true, it is of course suicide to walk into Orgrimmar. Actually, there is only one race native to Azeroth he actually hates without exception: the undead, for obvious reasons. he is also in love with another Gilnean, the pretty Gilnheae, and he is willing to throw everyting asside for her.


Before the greymane wall


Arthaban was born as the bastard-son of two powerful, but unknown magi. At his birth however, the boy was dead. His father however, being a dragonsworn, undertook a journey to ask the dragon-aspect Alexstrazsa for help. After all the acts Arthabans father did on the behalf of dragonkind, all dragonaspects (safe for Neltharion, now Deathwing) agreed to give the child their blessing. Alexstrazsa gave him life, the initial thing the father asked. But it didn't stop there: As the child of two mages, Arthaban was destined to have at least SOME arcane power, so Malygos gave him the trait to be immume to the corrupting nature of this magic, just like his own flight. Ysera, gave him knowledge and wisdom, so that he may use this power safely. And at last, Nozdormu granted him a long life, and youth. But Nozdormu saw in the future, that an enraged Deathwing would try to murder this child, simply to make their efforts of that day in vain. Therefore, Nozdormu took the child, and placed it a long time back, in our present. There, he put the baby in front of the home of the (then sane) Archmage Arugal, who would care for the boy as if it was his own...Apprentice actually...Not son, just apprentice

Under Arugal

Arthaban, and a few others including Kuushin and Gilneae, studied the ways the arcane under Arugal. In the beginning he was the only student Arugal had. He proved to be a great student, and was always eager to learn more. He asked the right questions at the right moments, and surprised Arugal more then once. After a few years, Arugal decided to take some more young Gilneans under his wing, and that was how Arthaban met Gilnheae and Kuushin. The three of them were all good mages, but in a very different way. Arthaban proved to be specialized in the arcane ways, while Gilneae was more interested in frost, and Kuushin was trying to master the school of fire. Arthaban didn't just stuck to the lessons; he spent a lot of his free-time devising new spells, or perfecting those he already knew. It was also during this time, that he befriended some of the other magic-users that Dalaran sent to Arugal, including the dwarf Deloim; one of the few that still master the art of runic magic.

Traveling the world

When he finnaly finished his study's, he decided to take his stuff, and go see something of the world. He thought it would be nice to meet up with his old friend Deloim again, and so he set off for his first stop. The journey to Ironforge was
Arthaban and Arugenn

Arthaban and his horse, Arugenn

a pleasent one, for the roads were still safe, and free. He and his horse Arugenn ussualy didn't really care for 'roads' though... When they arrived at the enormous gates of Ironforge, Deloim was already waiting for them. It was during this time Arthaban was introduced to Deloims son, Khuilhin. They spend their times talking together, or sightseeing through the land. Deloim showed Arthaban the lands of Dun Morogh, and Arthaban showed him Gilneas. One day, while they were traveling around at what at the time was southern Elwynn forest, they met the Night elf druid Vaelouwe. Neither of them ever saw a night elf before, but they had heard from it. Vaelouwe claimed to be scouting in service of some 'superior force', because apparently there were strange things at hand with the nature in the area. Deloim and Arthaban were eager to help what would become their new friend

The first quest

So the three casters would travel together, in search of this 'anomaly'. Vaelouwe seemed to be the only one who knew what this could be, though even he wasn't sure. The days they spent together forged a bond between the three, and it seemed as Vaelouwe became more open every day. He and Deloim would spend hours telling stories about ancient Kalimdor, Deloim haing heard them from dwarven history books, and Vaelouwe having been there in person. On the third day, Vaelouwe deemed them trustworthy, and told them what he knew: There is corrupting magic at hand in the area, wich threatens to destabilize the balance of things. After a few days, Arthaban (being the only mage in the team) 'saw' that one of the ley-lines in the are was in a different place then a few weeks back. Since they had no other clue, they followed the ley-line, and so they came in the black Morass. There they saw that several ley-lines were bend, just as when a mage tries to make a portal...Just was just...different. They decided to make a lot of notes, and they could only find out someone was trying to make some sort of permanent portal here. They Figured it might be the best to go to Dalaran, to find out more, so (since ley-lines were already nexed where they were) Arthaban decided to teleport the group to Dalaran. They informed the Kirin Tor member Nabahtra of what they found out, and they said they would send a letter to Khadgar, who at the time resided close to that place, with Medivh. Several weeks later, our trio heard things about green creatures pouring from the black Morass, and attacking Stormwind...

The first war

The first few weeks, Arthaban, Vaelouwe, and Deloim were unaware of the war, since they resided at the peaceful Dalaran at the time. That was, until news came to them about green creatures pouring from the black Morass. Normally, they wouldn't pay attention to such rumors, but since they did discover some f*cked-up ley-lines there, they didn't want to take any risk. The three of them would travel to Stormwind, to find out what was going on. Apparently, there was a portal opened in the black Morass, leading to another world from wich savage creatures poured into azeroth. Arthaban was at first not eager to participate in any fighting, untill he actually SAW the orcs. He felt the evil of some old demonic force lingering inside them... It was so that, reluctantly, Arthaban played a minor role in the first war. During one of the battles however, his staff broke. Vaelouwe wouldn't let Arthaban participate in any battles without a weapon, believing that magic (especially the arcane) would be dangerous if there was nothing to direct it. It was thusly that a new staff would be made for Arthaban, with the help of both Deloim and Vaelouwe. Still in the middle of the first war, the three would travel to around to obtain the items needed to create a powerful weapon. But The staff would not only be a weapon, also a symbol... A symbol of unity, with an aspect of every race represented in their group. They wouldtake mageroyal, and briathorn from Gilneas. For they're magical properties, but also they're beuty and elegance. they would use a high elven dagger, and melt it to forge a chain in the dwarven way, to strengthen the fysical form of the staff. they would use leather, from the finest specimens the hunters of Azeroth (the human nation, not the planet) could gather for the hand-holds.
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And finaly, as a shaft for the staff, they would travel to Kalimdor to obtain a branch of the world tree. It was when all these were assembled, that Deloim, being one of the best staff-makers, would forge all these items into a staff. The shaft would be inscribed by Deloim, in Dwarvish runes. The translation of those runes would be: Trustworthy, in Darnassian, Wise, in Dwarvish, Noble, in Thalassian, Powerful, in common, and protector in gilnean. Because of all this 'staff-makin

g' Arthaban didn't really have time to play a big role in the first war, but he did fight in it a little bit. During this fighting he would once again meet Nabahtra. Nabahtra and Arthaban would spend a lot of time safing the life of the other during the first war.

The exodus

Stormwind was completely shattered, and the entire kingdom would be evacuated to Lordaeron. Normally, Arthaban would just teleport back to Gilneas, but since Lordaeron isn't far he figured it would be nice to travel with them, so he could stay with his new friend Nabahtra. On the ship, he found out that Deloim and Vaelouwe had both survived the battle, though nearly. He introduced them to Nabahtra, and their group had an exra member. The time spent on the ship was boring, but it was good to have company. Nabahtra told a lot about his self, and seemed to hold himself in high regard. It was during this time that the group decided that it was best for all to stay together: four practioners of magic, would surely be able to find a solution for most any problem they might come across, especialy the burning legion that was apparently behind the orcish attack. Nabahtra seemed really interested in this whole 'burning legion' and he kept asking Vaelouwe about it, since Vaelouwe still remembers the first invasion of this legion. When they came on land, Nabahtra would spend most of his time learning about hsi 'fel magic' and demons. Arthaban went to Gilnheae, and told her about the group they created, and with permission of the rest, she entered.

The group assembled

Now with their whole group complete, everyone started doing research to find something out about the demons, and the link they have to the orcs. Nabahtra found out one fact after the other, no one knew how. Arthaban however, while doing a great job, couldn't hold up with him. He was often distracted of his work, because some-one needed his help with something. Nabahtra would ussualy help Arthaban out if he needed some more facts to fill in some gaps in his theories. Nabahtra was not only doing research to the demonic magic they saw, but also the necromentic (the first deathknights who marched through the portal). On day, when the whole group gathered, Nabahtra said that the group must have a leader. The rest agreed, and so they would choose one. Nabathra 'selflessly' volunteerd to 'carry the burden of leadership' since it was only logical he would lead the group: he knew everything that could be found about both Warlockery, and Necromancy. Vaelouwe rejected this idea however: While knowledge is one of the best of burdens, it doesn't make for a good leader if it is the only quality that leader has. A leader must also be powerful, wise, and caring. Since Arthaban spend a lot of time helping others, always made the right dicision, and of course was rather powerful, Vaelouwe brought in the idea to make Arthaban their leader. Deloim and Gilneae both agreed. Arthaban however, said that he didn't want to be higher then his friends in any way, in fact they were all equals, so maybe they could not have a single 'monarch'-like ruler, but something like a council, so group-decisions would always be made, by the group. Vaelouwe said that it was exactly because of those decisions that Arthaban must lead them, but he respected his choice: and so, the council of Yggdrassil was born. Nabahtra would from this point on, always be jealous of Arthaban, and would try to increase his own power at any cost if that would mean that the rest would see him as the superior caster.

Quiet years

The next six years, everyone was going pretty much they're own way. Nabahtra was always studying the dark arts, and didn't even bother to look up some arcane spells anymore. He only came out of his life as a hermit once in a while, and hen he did so he strengthened his bond with Gilneae, with who he was falling in love. Not much would happen during these years, except for a journey to kalimdor every now and then, but that was just so Arthaban could meet up with Vaelouwe again. That was until his old peer, Arugal, would ask something of Arthaban: Since Arugal was getting bussier and bussier with his study's, he found himself having little time for his work as arch-mage. So he asked Arthaban to be his replacement, just untill Arugal could take his place again. I was because of this, that Arthaban would have attend some meetings between his king, Genn greymane, and the other leaders of the Alliance of Lordaeron. His voice didn't really count, and all he could do was giving advice, but that was enough for him. All was going well, untill a few years later the Horde would come marching in from the south, to begin the second war. Genn Greymane refused to aid the Alliance of Lordaeron, since he didn't want to sacrifice the lives of his men for someone elses problems. Arthaban agreed with him, but he also knew that it was best for Gilneas to keep the Alliance as friends. Of course Genn would battle the orc if they were to attack Gilneas, and so Arthaban came up with a political way of telling that Gilneas wouldn't help: ' We will not help with the main attack on the Horde forces, since attacking is just not our specialty. We will aid you in the best way we can: Defending. The moment the Horde marches too close to Gilneas, they're dead.' Luckily, there were a few Gilneans who wanted to help in the war effort, under the leadership of Darius Crowley, so he could safely add: 'Of course, we shall also send a small "elite" force to aid you'...

The second meeting

Directly after this meeting, in wich the second war against the orcish horde was declared, Arthaban rushed off to another meeting: the one with his guild. Since the orcs once again opposed a threat to the world, they had to decide what had to be done. Everyone came to the meeting, including Khuilhin who wasn't allowed to since he was not a member. It was there that Nabahtra came with a horrific idea: The 'perfect' way to get rid of the orcs and demons, was to use their own power against them. The rest of the team was disgusted by the idea of using fel magic, but Nabahtra insisted on it. 'In has already rewarded me with great powers!'. He revealed that he had been practicing both warlockery and Necromancy, and he showed off his tricks. When his idead were rejected, he finaly lashed out at the rest, and summoned forth a demon from the twisting nether to aid him. He didn't lie about his new powers: only with their combined powers, the other casters could bind him. Arthaban, still focusing the binding spell, said that he didn't want to see Nabahtra killed, but if he wouldn't change his ways it would be the only alternative. Nabahtra went mad, and claimed that he wasn't the bad one: all he had done was trying to find a way to banish the demonic influences, and yet everyone chose Arthaban before him. This anger fueled his power, and broke out of the binding spell. All darkness around them concentrated around his body, as he turned into a massive demon and walked straight to a weakened Arthaban. it was at this moment, when he held Arthaban in the sky, choking him, that Khuilhin came out of hiding, and struck Nabahtra the final blow. The shadow went away, and before them they only saw the lifeless corpse of what was once one of their best friends... When they pickedmup the body, a small pendant fell out, revealing a pictue of an old god... They all gave Nabahtra a ceramonial burial, as he once was a noble man, and they wanted to remember him as he was before went mad by fel magic.

Second war

During the second war, Arthaban was one of the Gilneans who would fight actively. He was end to aid lady jaina Proudmoore, made more then up for his lack of activity in the first war. He led several small attacks on the orcish Warlocks, and used his knowledge about them to kill them. He found out a lot about the corruptive nature of Fel energy, and figured that this must be what drove Nabahtra insane... After a long war, the Alliance was finaly victorious. But then came the problem of 'what to do with the orcs'. Arthaban, feeling it was inhuman to wipe out an entire race, was one of those who voted to let them live. It was then that King Teranas decided to create the internment camps. It was right after this meeting, that Arthaban and king Genn, were contacted by lord Daval Prestor. Lord Prestor came with the idea of erecting a huge wall around Gilneas, sealing it off from that meddlesome alliance. Genn Greymane agreed, but Arthaban didn't. Of course, the wall itself is a good idea, but to completely seal off the country? And besides, the wall would have to cut of a lot of lord Crowleys land, and he will not take that lightly. Prestor asked if he could speak Arthaban in private, and when he returned, Arthaban would agree... Still, s shiver of reluctance could be seen on his face...

The greymane wall

Everything seemed safe... The orcs were all in their internment camps, so the war was over. And with the building of the greymane wall, Arthaban had to say farewell to his friends. One last time, the guild came together, and Arthaban would tell them the news. They promised to would try to keep contact, but they knew that wouldn't happen. Much to everyones surprise, Vaelouwe also made his farewells: it was time for him to return to the Emerald dream, because of a promise he and many other druids made 10.000 years ago. So this would be the braking of their group: Gilnheae and Arthaban would be locked away behind the greymane wall, Vaelouwe would mentally leave this realm for maybe several lifetimes, Nabahtra was dead... Only Deloim and his son Khuilhin remained... Arthaban said goodbye, to all. He even went to Nabahtra's grave, and wished him the best in whatever afterlife he might be in. It was then, that they grabbed their stuff, and left. they gazed upon the gigantic stone wall that would seal of their entire kingdom from the rest of the world... Arthaban would buy a house in the merchants square of Gilneas city, but he wouldn't be there often. He preffered to go out in the woods, to think.

After the greymane wall

Before the third war

Years passed, and Arthaban finaly got used to all the isolationism. He would spend a whole lot of time with Gilnheae, and started to understand why Nabahtra crushed on her. Twice a year, on both his birthday and the day of his death, the two would have a small ceremony in honor of their fallen friend Nabahtra. If anyone asked about him, they always tried to keep the idea people had of him an honorable one, and lied that he died a heroic death in battle ( wich was partially true, actually). Arthaban found out that he lived close to his old classmate Kuushin, and decided to pay him a visit. Kuushin however didn't have much time mostly: he had found a family. On the few occasions he had time though, they often walked around the town together. Life was getting pretty good in Gilneas, and luckily for Arthaban he would sometimes be send to Arugal to help him with some small problem, or an experiment. Arthaban enjoyed his time inside Gilneas, but he was happy when Arugal needed him. During these short times outside the wall, he would post letters to Deloim, as he had promised, and when he came back to Arugal, he would receive the replys. Time flew by in Gilneas, and soon ten years would have passed...

The third war

Rumors about a 'death cult' promising eternal life would go through whole Lordaeron, and even reached the isolated Gilneas. Arthaban didn't see it as a great threat, but he didn't exclude the possibility that the rumors held true, so he listened closely when the death cult would be mentioned. And then it happened: the third war, but this time there would be no orcs or demons to fight, but death itself. Arthaban received a summons to go to Arugal immediatly! There, king Genn Greymane was talking to the archmage, when Arthaban came in. There was a great problem: the scourge was knocking on Gilneas' door... Genn refused to ask any other country for aid, and theref
ore it was up to Arugal to solve the problem. And Arugal needed help. He had a crazy idea, wich he told Arthaban.During his research, Arugal found another dimensional plane in wich a race of wolf-like men dwellt. If they could be brought to Azeroth, they might help fend off the scourge! At first, Arthaban was infuriated at his old mentor for even bringing up the idea of summoning creatures from other dimensions, but when Arugal explained the notes he found about them, that several other Dalaran mages accepted this (actually just Ur) ,and where these so called 'Worgen' came from, Arthaban agreed to help. It was the Emerald dream...The place where Vaelouwes soul now rested. If Vaelouwe dared to go into a world where these creatures lived, it would be safe to bring them here. It was so that Arthaban would gather materials, correct some wrongs in Arugals spells here and there, and helped to bring the Worgen back to Azeroth. He wasn't there at the initial summon, but he did see the effect: The worgen were dispatched, and would tear the scourge limb from limb. And so, the third war ended without Gilneas losing a the scourge!

The Gilnean civil war

The Worgen, without any scourge to feed on, turned against the humans of Gilneas. Murdering every last human in what is now known as shadowfang keep, the worgen began to oppose a greater threat to the Gilneans then the scourge. Arthaban rushed of to Arugal, filled with anger, fear, and a feeling of betrayal. 'You said they were safe! Look what they did Arugal, look what they did!' Arugal claimed it wasn't his fault. He followed the notes Ur had made about the Worgen, and every fact pointed to it that they would be safe. But they weren't... Arugal said he would leave Gilneas, and take up residence in Shadowfang keep. 'Yes, sure flee your problems...And leave us here with those filthy fleabags!' 'No boy... i'll take my children with me...' And he did... He fled to Shadowfang Keep, and lived there with most of the worgen. Though Arthaban felt hurt in a strange way...He would take his children with him, and left Arthaban behind. Arthaban knew Arugal wasn't his father, and had never seen him as such, but still...Staring at nothing, Arthaban stand there while Arugal hastily left the building. All around him, Gilneas was fracturing, falling apart in a civil war. But Arthaban remained almost oblivious to it... He kept thinking about the worgen, and everytime he did...He felt guilt. The war was over before Arthaban knew, and Crowley was stuck in prison. When Arthaban heard this, he woke up from his bubble, and promised himself to visit his old commander during the second war at least once a week.

Return of the worgen

One year later however, the worgen would return. Feeling guilty for bringing them to this world, Arthaban made it his quest to 'help them out of it' as he said. The Gilnean forcen just weren't enough to stop them, especially after the civil war. So Arthaban went to Greymane, and demanded that he would free Crowley from prison, since they would need him in the fight.Greymane agreed, and so it happened that he would send someone to Crowley to help him escape. Arthaban, being not an official member of the army, was told to evacuate the city, but he refused, and tried to help save others in stead. He went through whole Merchant's square, opening doors, and freeing civillians from their homes, occasionaly killing the worgen that followed them. Just as he ran to the last hous, being the one of Kuushin, he heard a scream. Gilnheae, screamed in terror. Arthaban rushed off to find his beloved surounded by five Worgen, three were already lying dead. But she also, lay lifelessly on the ground... Arthaban, filled with rage, fought the beasts with both magic and fysical trength. Magical fire burned a Worgen from inside out.One of the worgen lashed out at him, tearing Arthabans clothes apart. Another claw came right at him, leaving great bloody scars on his chest. Arcane missles soared through the air, bu
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Arthaban, fighting the Worgen.

rrying themselves deep within the stomach area of two more worgen. A fist came right back at him, but he grabbed the hairy arm of the beast, threw it over his shoulder (making that job easier with a modified slowfall-like spell), and incinerated the beast at the moment it hit the ground. But now that his back was turned, the last beast saw it's chance, and burried it's fangs in Arthaban's neck. He let out a scream, that soon went over in a roar. Then, with the head of his staff, he punched the Worgen in the stomach so he could get free, froze the creature in place, stepped back, and with arcane energy crackling in his hands, he formed a mystic orb wich engulfed the beast, wich exploded on the spot. Then, when he had regained his strength, Arthaban walked over to Gilnheae, and picked her up. She was still breathing, but barely. He slowly carried her all the way to the evacuation point, where she would be mended, and healed. The wound in Arthabans neck turned a blueish grey. It hurted like hell, but Arthaban knew it wouldn't hurt as much as the loss of Gilnheae. They asked Arthaban if he could go on, and he said yes. So he had to leave Gilnheae, but it was for a good cause: If he didn't, maybe they wouldn't be able to flee... The Gilneans, including Arthaban, mannaged to drive the worgen back to the chapel, when suddenly something strange happened to Arthaban. He turned more aggressive, and seemed slightly bigger then before. His hair was thicker, especcialy around the bite-wound. He discarded his weapons, and started fighting the beasts hand to hand. Untill suddenly, a loud roar escaped from his mouth, and he bent over. Fire and shadow engulfed his arms, and a burning pain turned them into monstrous claws. A dark shadow seemed to watch over him, as he turned into that wich he swore to destroy...

Life as a beast

The beast formerly known as Arthaban ran through the empty streets of Gilneas, murdering innocents. He lead some members of his pack to where he knew would be the greatest concentration of 'food': the caravan, escaping town... The citizens were unaware of the worgen following them, but soon the last of the group screamed, and fell. A worgen beside Arthaban yanked as he fell to the ground, hit by a bullet. No-one recognized Arthaban... And he didn't care. They attacked, and murdered, until Arthaban reached Gilnheae. The one he risked his life for, and gave up his humanity, to safe...And now, it would be in vain. He lifted her by her neck, ripped her dress to pieces and left a small scar on her arm. Suddenly, he threw her to the ground. He clutched his head, howled and roared. Then he looked at the almost naked and fragile figure before him. He lashed out at her, but his claw stopped at the last second. His other claw held it in a tight grip. Obviously in a lot of pain, he said, in a last act of humanity: 'Run... Flee me... RUN!!!' She obeyed, and fled him... Rather then hunt down the humans, 'the beast' just scared them out, not doing more damage then leaving a scar on some-ones leg. He and his group returned to the rest of the pack. Gilneas was theirs! They would stroll around Gilneas, in order to find food. Nothing still left in Gilneas was safe: food suplies, rats, and of course the dead body's of their former brethren. The human Arthaban was no more. Soon however, the city had run out of food, and the worgen started batteling eachother for the last pieces. Until 'the beast' went to his pack leader, and 'told' him they had to leave the city, and go to the woods where they would find enough food to survive. The packleader was reluctant, since they battled fiercely to conquer this terretorium. And so, the two duelled: If 'the beast' won, they would go to the woods, and if the leader won they would stay. The battle was fought, and after a while the pack-leader yanked away with his tail betwee
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n his legs... Just as in Arthabans mind, 'the beast' had won. This battle earned him a high ranking in the pack. They set off for the woods, where more then enough animals were just waiting to be hunted down by them. As a high ranking member, 'the beast' would often get food from the others, but still (maintaining some of his human behaviour) he never took it by force. They lived in prosperity, and 'the beast' was happy... But Arthaban wasn't. Because there were short moments, in wich he woke up, realized what was happening, and let out a long sad howl. Until someone shoved a big piece of fox in front of him that is... One day, he took a small hunting group out to get some food. All was going well, and they had already killed seven bunny's, five foxes, three deers, a human, and a whole bunch of birds. 'The beast' decided that it was too much to carry home, so they would eat it on the spot. When they were satisfied, they continieud. But, being with his thoughts at all the food he just had, and that he was about to have the rest when they returned, 'the beast' didn't watch out, and stepped right in a trap. He raised himself to his full heighth, roaring in anger and pain, and lashing out at the air around him. His brethren fled the scene, and all that was left to keep him company were the eight birds and two bunny's he dropped. He waited, but luckily he didn't starve...


Luckily, it didn't take long for the hunters to return. Armed with guns, they woke up the, now sleeping, 'beast'. Slowly opening his eyes, he woke up. Then he saw that he was surrounded by humans, and tried to lash out at them, but he forgot about the trap around his leg. He let aout an agonizing howl, but didn't give up. Every hunter that came within range if his claws, had to face them. Only after a lot of trouble, the hunters (some of then wounded) managed to cage 'the beast'. They decided not to kill it, but instead bring it to Duskhaven village. The journey was an unpleasent one, and in the beginning 'the beast' tried to break his cage, but he didn't succeed. He kept trying
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, untill they neared the village. He sat, silent, in his cage while i
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t was driven through town. Some children were afraid of him, wich pleased him. But when the bigger humans started shouting at him, and throwing rocks and fruits, even the children lost their fear, and mockingly drew closer to the cage. A little boy however, came to close... A hariy arm went out of the cage, and grabbed the boy by the throat. 'The beast' stood up, on two legs, and lifted the boy as far as he could. His bestial face drew closer to the boy's, and he let out a fearsome roar, showing his teeth. Armed Gilneans ran to him, but instead of snapping the boys neck, 'the beast' threw him to the Gilneans as ammunition. The roared again, while doing so scatching the cage, and the humans realized: That cage isn't there to protect him from us... The cage could only barely contain 'the beast'. He had at least won this round... His cage was set off at a place where several other Worgen were stuck, in quite the same way as 'the beast'. The days would go by, and the Gilneans fed him well. But they mocked him. The worgen caging grounds were like a petting zoo, where small children would just go, for fun. When they reached 'the beast's' cage, one of them suddenly recognized him as the beast that attacked him earlier, when brought to town, and stepped back. But there was also a little girl, that wasn't afraid of him, but instead felt pity. She would often return to bring him food, and / or just sit around and talk. 'The beast', while bestial of course, was not stupid and didn't bite the hand that fed him...Literally. after quite a few days, it was time for him to come out of his prison, so the gilneans could decide what to be done with him. This proved to be a fatal mistake, and as soon as the doors of the cage opened, he ran off, injuring several Gilneans in his way. When they finaly found him, he lay curled up at a fireplace with a small girl patting him. Thos proved to the Gilneans that 'the beast' might have just about enough humanity left to be saved, and that was just what they would do. Every Gilnean who would come closer however, would have to face 'the beast's ' wrath. The little girl tried to help, and in a shiver of humanity, he drank Krennan Aranas's famous potion. He fainted, and when he awoke...He was Arthaban... In mind, that is...

The awakening

Arthaban awoke, his head hurted like hell, and initialy he didn't remember what had happened. A small group of Gilneans surrounded him. Slowly, the picture got clearer, and he recognized them as lord Godfrey, Krennan Aranas, King Genn greymane, and prince liam. He heard Genn say 'Has it worked Krennan?'. Arthaban got up to his feet, and noticed he towered over the others. 'Has what worked, milord?' asked Arthaban, with a raspy, dark, bestial voice... 'I...I think it has sir...' Confused about what was going on, Arthaban stretched out a hand...Wait... That's not a hand... Shocked, Arthaban stares at the hairy, monstrous claw that is strangely attached to HIS arm. 'Arthaban...Something happened in Gilneas... About a year ago...' Arthaban was shocked when they told him that he turned into a worgen, and lived with them, and as one, for over a year. Slowly, it was coming back: He remembered Gilneas city... He was fighting the Worgen, no wait... He is fighting ALONGSIDE the Worgen! He ran outside, to one of the pools of water that almost constantly lay there due to the 'great weather' in Gilneas. He saw long, wolflike face, with big teeth. It was his own face... He let his head hang down. He wouldn't have much time to et used to his new life however, since the very next day, Gilneas would face yet another catastroph.

The Forsaken attack

Arthaban got some clothes from several other Gilneans, since his tunic was already ripped to shreds by worgen, before he turned into one. He didn't sleep that night, and a lot of other memories returned. While watching over the Gilnean sea, he remembered leaving Gilneas to live in the woods, and the fight with his pack-leader. That morning, he returned to the place where the other Worgen were locked away, but suddenly he smelled something. It was the stench of decay, wich he remembered all too well. He turned around, and saw great ships nearing the Gilnean coast, and some-one yelled: 'The undead are coming! Grab your weapons!' Arthaban rushed of, and soon the whole plain was a battleground. They said 'Grab your weapons', and well: Arthaban's weapon was his magic! Luckily, he found out his year of isolation didn't numb his spellcasting. He incinerated, froze, exploded, or killed in any other way, many forsaken that day, but they would just keep coming. And not just mere zombies, hell no: The forsaken brought in the abominations. Disgusted by the horros let loose upon Gilneas, Arthaban fought valiantly. He noticed several other Worgen, apparently also freed from the mental aspect of their curse, who fought alongside their former brethren against the Forsaken. The battle was turning to their favor, when suddenly Arthaban felt a dark pressence, trying to invade this realm. The earth rocked, and suddenly Arthaban saw ony black before his eyes, but didn't faint. He saw something big bursting through the ground, but the vision dissapeared all too quickly. His sight returned, but just as he charged a Forsaken, the earth rocked again, with more power this time, and ravaged the land. Everyone fell to the ground, including Arthaban. The land shattered, and the sea rushed in to fill the gaps. Many Forsaken, but also Gilneans, were swallowed by the tides. When he got up, Arthaban immediatly jumped into the freezing water, and tried to safe as many Gilneans as he possible could. After that, the Gilneans had to evacuate Duskhaven. Arthaban tried the whistle to wich his horse responded, and found out it was still alive. scared at first, when the animal smelled his master, it eased up. Arthaban mounted his steed Arugal, and rode alongside a caravan going to Stormglen. It was good to ride again, it made Arthaban feel slightly more human. But all that changed when they arrived, and people would just stare awkwardly at him...

New allies

everyone kept talking about strange creatures living in the forests. Tall, long eared purple beings. Arthaban immediatly thought of Vaelouwe, and knew it were Night elves everyone spoke of. So, he volunteerd to leave Stormglen, in search for these new allies. He ran off to the blackwalt, and there he met the Night elves stationed there, as well as Lord Darius Crowley, who apparently also turned Worgen. After he spoke with the night elves, he found out Vaelouwe wasn't with them. Apparently, he is still stuck in the Emerald dream, thanks to some sort of nightmare. When Arthaban heard this, he reacted rather angry. The night elves explained al about the emerald dream, and emerald nightmare, wich only infuriated Arthaban more. Actualy, it was Krenans potion wearing off, but nobody knew that. Then one of the night elves mentioned the scythe of Elune wich lay somewhere nearby, and that it could be the remedie for the Worgen. By hearing the Scythe of Elune being named, Arthaban once again lost control and 'the beast' took over. Roaring, and running outside, 'the beast' left the night elves. One of the other Worgen followed him, trying to stop him. But 'the beast' wouldn't listen. He stormed right into a group of eight forsaken dark rangers, and slaughtered them without trouble. After he had eaten their body's, He was still hungry for more... He saw a fox, in the distance and walked to it... For several meters he followed he creature, and then he attacked. He ate the whole thing, but then saw that in the bushes before him, lay a strange object. He was strangely lured to it. It was as if it spoke to him. It was a long piece of wood, with Dwarven runes inscribed in it. His old staff! Somehow, it ended up here in the blackwalt! As if it was searching for him... 'The beat' walked to it, carefully... He touched it with one clawd finger... Immense pain went through his body, and he re-experienced his whole life in a mere second. Then, he firmly grabbed the staff with both hands. He raised himself to his full height, standing on two leggs, and walking off. Once with the night elves again, he deeply apolagized for what happened, and said that he regained controll once again. The elves had in the maintime found the scythe of Elune, and could perform the ritual to give Arthaban full controll over his curse. Before this happened, Arthaban grabbed his weapon at the sharp Briathorn, leaving a small wound on his hand. His blood dripped on the weapon, so that not only Night elves, high elves, Dwarves, and humans, but also worgen would be represented in it. Then the ritual started: Magical words were spoken, and in a beam of green and white light Arthaban was lifted from the ground, permanantly regained his sanity, and control of his forms. When he got back to the ground, he was human... The curse however, wasn't lifted, it was only contained. Arthaban could now choose wich form he wanted to wear, and when.

For the rest, untill Arthaban reaches Kalimdor, it is just the rest of the Worgen starting Experience, wich includes: Saving fellow Gilneans from slavery, the battle for Gilneas, bombing Forsaken from a bat, using the elves weaponry to attack more forsaken, obliterating a Horde Gunship, and finaly sailing of to Kalimdor.

A new home

Arthaban was set off at Kalimdor. He stepped off of the boat, and breathed in the fresh air. So, this was supposed to be his new home? At first, Arthaban did his best to like it. And he did, but it just wasn't the same. The Night-elves were very generous, but that was one of the problems: Arthaban felt like a leech, sucking at the well earned money, food, and shelter of others. After just a few weeks, he decided to leave. He took the first boat to go to Stormwind. Once there, he looked around in amazement: The city had changed so much when it was rebuilt! The first thing he did, was to go to the cemetary... He sat next to the grave of Nabahtra for hours, and talked about everything that happened, as if with a living, breathing friend. But after that, he went into town. He saw the new church of the holy light, the mage quarter, everything! But he also saw a ravaged, burned space, where the flames still licked the remnants of buildings.'Aye me laddie... That was the park...' Said a Dwarf, who Arthaban just now realized stood next to him. 'What happened?' 'Earthquakes me boy... That, and a big ass dragon flying over. Deathwing, they call 'im.' As the conversation went on, Arthaban realized that it must be due to the outbreak of this creature that Gilneas fell, literally. Arthaban spent a lot of time with the dwarf, and asked a lot about all the things he had missed while in Gilneas. While the dwarf could only give vage and incomplete information, it was enough for Arthaban at the moment. All he learned was 'The dark Portal opened again... So everybody went through, saw outland, but suddenly some demons showed up. There was also some night elven demon jackass, but we killed him... Don't know that much about the who's, hows and why's of that time. Some time later however, the Lick King re-apeared, and decided to scourge the place. At pretty much the same time, the blue dragons decided to kill all casters, something to do with arcane stuff leading to trouble...Well, I agree with that, but they didn't have to kill 'em all for me.' Something about this dwarf seemed very familiar to Arthaban. In a way, he reminded him of Deloim. 'Anywho, I must be off ta the harbour. Friend 'o me 'll arive there soon.' To wich Arthaban asked if he could come along. The two sat at the harbour for hours, talking some more. One ship after another would arrive, but no ship held the friend the dwarf was waiting for. 'Damn those Gilneans! Always late! The guy's a mage for Light's sake, couldn't he just teleport in or something?' 'Well, if there is another way to travel with at hand, he would probably use that one except when in a great hurry. You see, teleporting requires a lot of energy, because you temporarily adjust the very ley-lines that-...' 'Oh great, another one! Shut yer piehole, please! I just wished that damn Arthaban would arrive soon!' And then, Arthaban knew who it was he was talking to... 'Don't worry, I'm sure he'll arrive any minute...Khuilhin.'

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