Arylon Shadespark
Guild Starlight
Gender Male
Race Gnome
Class Warlock
Faction Alliance

Arylon Shadespark is an explorer and adventurer. He is a member of the guild Starlight and holds the rank of Pathfinder. Despite a history of betrayal and dark magic, he seems to be settling down to a comfortable life at last.

Arylon is a warlock and makes no effort to hide it, often using intimidation to his advantage. However, he has experienced first hand the dangers of corruption and witnessed its destructive effects, something that many warlocks choose to gloss over; this, combined with his dubious past, has led to a general distrust of his peers.

General Information

  • Age: Old.
  • Likes: Getting to the point.
  • Dislikes: Stormwind, other warlocks, fools.


Arylon is an old, grumpy, down-to-earth gnome. He has little patience for fools and doesn't appreciate being ignored, but otherwise he has a level head and can stay calm in a crisis. He usually takes upon himself to be the voice of reason, although his pragmatism and cynical outlook can lead to conflicts.

Regardless, he's still a source of wisdom and is respected by many. He's fiercely loyal to those he harbours a true respect for, and tries to follow a set of moral guidelines. He has difficulty making friends and generally has a polarizing effect on people; either they are terrified of him, or find his presence comforting - Arylon generally abhors bloodshed and is actually often a powerful stabilizing influence. His relationships with women have been surprisingly successful, and he has proposed to 2 women in his lifetime.

Arylon is currently working as an agent of both Starlight and the Stormwind Warlock council. His loyalties lie firmly within Starlight, but his debt to the warlock council forces him to take their assignments, even when there is a conflict of interests. This forces him to keep his activities largely a secret.


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