Name: Aryon Seyvon
Age: 14
Affiliation: Theramore Island
Race: Human (25% High Elven)
Gender: Male
Class: Aspiring Paladin
Allignment: True Neutral
Status: Alive
Weapon(s) of Choice: Light One-Handed Swords.


Loise Seyvon (Mother)
Miles (Father)

Lain Givina (Grandmother)

Raylan Seyvon (Grandfather)

Surlon Seyvon (Uncle)
Lokai Seyvon (Uncle)

Early Childhood

Aryon grew up in Theramore on Kalimdor where he was born, Loise and Miles settled there to avoid the Authorities.
Though his parents were always far from home, seeing his father only once every 5 years or so and his mother
only when she wasn't out working for Ravenholdt, he lived with the Innkeeper, a close friend of Miles. The Innkeeper's
wife tried to raise him as best she could but she knew that he'd one day set out to step in his father's footsteps.
Gaining alot of advice from Jaina Proudmoore and mainly her assistant, "Pained". Aryon learned that he should
try to stay on the right path so he decided to aspire for Paladin, like alot of the men in the Seyvon Family.

He vowed that when he reaches the age of 16 he would travel to Westfall and train under Gryan Stoutmantle.
A friend of his grandfather.

Teenage Years

Aryon learned that his father had gone to Hyjal on a mission to fight off the Dareith with two of his friends,
Sirex, a highly skilled Warlock, and Kai the Elven Ranger. He and his friend, related to Atraiu, an aquaintance of
Miles. Accompanied him, when along their way they met a Gnomish Explorer, who joined aswell


Once they made it to Hyjal they found the once lush mountainous area that they heard so much about

to be nothing but scorched earth. He got seperrated from the group as they all flew hippogryphs, and
Aryon's Hippogryph went off course after being hit by a projectile and died on the spot. He was supposedly captured by the Dareith.

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