Guild Old Lordaeron
Gender Male
Race Forsaken
Class Warlock
Faction Horde

A Forsaken Warlock, ranked General, a member of The Old Lordaeron.


In his former life, Axarath was a member of the House of Cynthari of Dalaran, and was named Nar'Edim Cynthari, after his father. The events during his final hours alive are unknown to him aswell, but it is quite certain he perished either in Dalaran or nearby it during the destruction of the city.

He rose to afterlife apparently alone, with little if any help from Sylvanas, but found safety amongst his new kin, the Forsaken, and has since been member of the new Lordaeronian realm.

During his first weeks and months of afterlife, he walked the earth with hatred for the living in his heart. When he finally returned from his journeys around Azeroth he enlisted to the military, hoping to protect his kin from Alliance advance. He was rather succesful in his military career, and eventually was promoted General. At this point, however, he quit the army and returned to Undercity and his kin.

Lately, he has been occupied with his new duty as General of Lordaeron and representative for the Covenant, an alliance between several Horde factions. Also, internal matters have been taking his time, such as claimed betrayal among the Forsaken.

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