Bazzal Bobbin


Bazzal Bobbin is a Gnome Treasure Hunter now retired and living in Ironforge,

He spends his time playing with his inventions or spending time with his friends. He has a pet Murloc named Jess that he has taught to dance.

Bazzal And Mixi


He has a lover by the name of Mixi who he spends a large ammount of his time with, They met one night in Stormwind Bazzal was at the time working with The Shining Strand He belived Mixi to be behaving in a rather suspicious way and so he followed her keeping out of sight, He came to witness Mixi commit a crime and decided that it would be best to arrest her.

However, Bazzal felt someting strange for this poor girl and insted decided to help her escape the Stormwind Guards, And led her to Ironforge.

The two became friends for a long time and became lovers after some months.

The Journal Of Bazzal Bobbin


An uneventful day until i decided to take an evening ride around the mountin on my strider, I passed Mixi wearing all white, pretty as always. I had not seen her in many months, Since the night of the Fashion Show...

We went for a stroll in the Snow together until it became far to cold to continue we took advantage of the hospitalty of a human from the Argent Dawn who let us stay in his home, After warming ourselves by the fire we curled up in bed and went to sleep.

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