The night was black, without a moon. The air was thick and still. Yalleh the Hunter expected to hear the low guttural voices of many Orcs as she approached their camp, but all was still. Deadly still.. She could make out the silhouettes of a great number of Orcs around the campfire ahead, all sitting still in anticipation of.. her arrival? Startled she suddenly noticed how two huge Orcs seemed to appear out of nowhere on either side of her, walking with her up the hill towards the campfire. As she came into the light of the campfire, the two Orcs who had escorted here sat down behind her, closing the tight circle of Orcs that now totally surrounded her. She could see the hate burning red in their eyes, yet none made a move to lay claim to her life. Someone, probably the chieftain, gave a short command and was answered by a acknowledging grunt from a huge Orc who slowly stood up. The orc spat into his hands and drew his axe, while starting to circle Yalleh. Yahlleh responded by removing her bow and arming herself with her trusty polearm. The time had come to bleed.

Yes, we are looking for an alliance guild who wants to let their newbloods walk into our midst and duel against some orc of ours who are on about the same standards. In return, we want to send our newbloods to them for the same kind of thing.

Sounds interesting? Then please contact me on IRC or on our forum.

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