Guild Ranks

There are a number of Ranks in the Bloodhill Bandits. The highest ranks are:

Bandit Lord

Kevarus Valorfist


Jakey "Blackhand"


Ayrie... We don't know what her name is...

Lorilione Darkrose

Then there are several Thug Groups, or TG:s as the Bandits refer to it. They have many various smaller leaders who all are loyal 'til death.


"The Bloodhill Bandits"''were a gang of thieves living outside of Strahbrad when the Blackrock orcs attack and unluckily for them, stumbled over Arthas and his troops.

Suddenly Arthas stumbled upon a poor farmer, getting robbed of his ledger. Arthas and his men killed some of the thugs, but the leader, Menag, managed to flee back to his camp. The Farmer asked Arthas to retrieve the ledger, and Arthas agreed. Arthas attacked the bandits camp from nowhere with great force. He slew many of the thieves, only leaving a single man alive to tell.

That man, or perhaps more boy then man, was named Kevarus Valorfist. Seing the strength in the men who had killed his comrades, he set of to become a paladin and fight for the Light.

Many years later Kevarus has re-made the Bloodhill, making it to one of the strongest Bandit-clans in the entire world!


The Bloodhill Bandits

After existing for two days the Clan had made 5 guilds their enemies.

On the third day a group of, so far, anonymous guilds set up a pact called "ABB-Society" (Anti-Bloodhill-Bandit)

Their greatest enemy is the Order of Stormwind. They also attack on sight if they see a noble (See Bandit Lords Obsession).

Personal grudges.

There are many personal grudges. Biggest one is still the one with a rogue named Inrom.

The Bandit Lords Obsession.

Kevarus himself only see two organisations as his enemies. The House of Nobles and the Council of Nobles. Kevarus most hated enemy of all times is Baron Simon Crowell. Kevarus has made Crowells death his task in life. (See the page Kevarus Valorfist for more information)

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