Bromine Halogen is a tactically minded Death Knight, a member of the Ebon Blade, and a Champion of the Horde. She was born 23 years ago in the city of Stratholme, and started training for battle relatively young. When the Scourge attacked, Bromine and her twin sister, Iodine, fought against them for months, until one day when they were completely surrounded by undead. Bromine told Iodine to escape, then started hacking madly at the Scourge army. She did not last long, however, and soon died under the onslaught. A year later, the Forsaken were formed, and Bromine was among the undead who regained sentience. Unlike most, however, she also regained her compassion and other emotions, meaning that she could never quite fit in with Forsaken society. She became an adventurer, defending Lordaeron from the Scourge and the Scarlet Crusade. Six years later, Bromine unwisely challenged Kel'Thuzad to a duel, and was quickly defeated. She awoke in the Ebon Hold, and was soon given the tasks all new Death Knights were set. When the Light of Dawn freed the Death Knights from servitude, Bromine swore that she would never harm any member of the Alliance, except in self defense, and that her true loyalties would always lie with the Ebon Blade.

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