The five comandments of the Offensive

1: You do not qvestion your officers!
3: A powerfull mind creats a powerfull body and a powerfull body creats a powerfull mind.
4: The only path to true freedom is to crush the bones of your enemys!
5: The end justifys the means.

The birth of the Bleeding Hollow Offensive

The old orc kneeled before the three great orcs. He had asked them to be alowed to lead a armed force in the namn of the Horde. His Warchieftan had called Garrosh Hellscream and Jorin Deadeye to him to discuse the old orc proposal. Burgrsch had asked to be given the right to comand a vanguard to the Warsong Offensive, in the namn of the Bleeding Hollow Clan.
"Can we realy trusth him? After all he is a warlock." said Garrosh and gave the kneeling orc a suspicious look.
"I have never know him to use his powers agaist any member of the Horde. He saved many trolls when the Admiral attacked our lands." said Thrall and smiled at the old orc. Not long ago had the old one been a close survent to the Warchieftan.
"I knew his son, a fine warrior. And he followed all comands I gave him when he asked me to join my Clan. I trusth him to follow orders." comanted Jorin, of the three he spoke the least.
"Whery well... I'll take him under my comand." mutterd Garrosh.
"Burgrsch Demonvoice, we grant you. Your reqvest, you'll be given the comand over a armed force know as the Bleeding Hollow Offensive. You'll take orders from me, here in Kalindor. Jorin in outland and Garrosh in Northrend." proclamed the Warchieftan.
"I am as always the Hordes homble survent. I'll asambel as many warriors as I can and come to the aid of the Horde where ever it is needed." said the old orc and rose to face the great orcs.

As the old orc leaft he felt a small bite of guilt. Tho he had not lied, he had not told them the full truth. But he had no time for thos sorts of tougths. Now he had to start gathering his forces. He would need many good orcs, trolls and taurens to make up the base of his forces. After all the nothen front was calling.

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