It is saide that there ones where tribes of orc that lived in the Blade Edge Mountens. They lived in everlasting fear of the Orgers and the Gronn, hunted them like orc hunt clefhoofs. But one day a orc that forever more would be known only as Bloodblade forged the first sword known to the history of the Orc's of the mountens. The orc hero was said to have asked the shaman of his tribe how to defeat the Gronn and there Orgers. The shaman then tolde him to make a sharp stick of iron and that he sould mix his blood in the ore so that his spirit would be in the weapon. And so the young warrior did.

And whit this weapon made by his own hands and whit his own blood the great warrior foth and killed one of the Gronns terrorised his tribe. And when he returnde to his peolpe the namned him there chieftan. Armed whit the wisdom of the spirits all warriors of the tribes that now called themselfs the tribes of the Blood Blades made there own swords. And together they drove there enemys deeper in to the mountens and toke the best parts of the mountens for themself. So in the blood of the orc's and the power of there arms the Blood Blade Clan came in to being

Many hundreds of years later the last of the small but proud clan meet it's doom when ambushed by humen soldiers. The few that survived where shatterd and now only Burgrsch and his closest kin remain alive


We are a RP guild whit a old school Horde team. Lore wise we are a orc Clan open to all races. The clan is ruled by the Clan Council in which all IC members may speak, tho only Champions and Elders my vote. In other words a democracy.

All classes and all races are welcome, but you most be at least lvl 10 to join.

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