Darkmoon Faire is an RP realm for the European version of World of Warcraft. It has both Roleplaying and Normal realm rules. You must follow both these policies if you wish to play succesfully on Darkmoon Faire. There are also additional naming rules to follow when creating a character.

The realm was opened in September 2006 and is the youngest RP realm open at the moment. If you want to create a character, the horde would be recomended as they are outnumbered.

The Darkmoon Faire community can be reached through their realm forums, this is where you can discuss the realm.

If you play on Darkmoon Faire, please feel free to include your character stories, guild stories, or any other articles you feel would be relevant to the server. --Dark 18:36, 15 November 2006 (CET)

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