The Felblood Stories are a seires of 5 stories based on game play and real role playing events. Thus far only three of them have been written and the 4th is on it's way. The proper order to read this stories are: Memories of the Dark-Blood Cult, Lord Lester Dreakmore shorts, Screams in the Dark, The Blood of Giants and Bone of Dragon and the final part of the story Child of the Elders.

This story is centerd around Ximrana. Even tho she appers less in the later parts of the story then in the begining.

The second most important character in this story is Master Burgrsch Demonvoice, her father. His roll is however more outstanding in the later parts then at the start.

And then thers Lady Erina Dreakmore, her Mother.

And lastly Lester Dreakmore and The Face Eater.

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