When Van'Kor became a Death Knight, he took the name because he didn't want to be known that he was a Death Knight, and he took the last name Valin'Tier after his beloved Sheliss. He was reborn into a Death Knight by the Lich King's most trustful Lieutenant, Kel'Thuzad. He felt no desire for revenge against his master, Matthew Arintor, he only wanted to be left alone.

He showed remarkable skills as a Death Knight, mastering the art of runes in only one year. He chose to become a 'Frost' Death Knight because his heart is as cold as Icecrown itself. The Lich King was impresses by his skills with a blade and mace, and mastering the art of runes only made him more interested in him. So he ordered Van'Kor to come to Icecrown and serve as one of his soldiers. But little did the Lich King know that doing so could be his ultimate undoing. Van'Kor still resides in Icecrown, hovering above the wasteland on his Frost Wyrm. Waiting... waiting to be free.

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