World of Warcraft Roleplay

Van'Kor's true name is Vanier Korinthiel. He was a young and promising boy born in the Arathi Highlands. Due to the partnering of the Witherbark trolls and ogres, and the the siege of Strahnbrad, he and his family had to leave the Highlands for a new home. One year later, when he was twelve, he and his family made a permanent home in what is now called the Western Plaguelands. When he turned fourteen, he became a squire for a paldain known as Matthew Arintor. He stood by his side during the orc invasion of Azeroth and the seige of Stormwind. Matthew taught him the way of the Light, how to fight with a sword, mace, and shield. But his most important lesson was to never kill in cold blood.

When Vanier turned nineteen, he was conducted into knight-hood and went to fight with his master at the Battle of Blackrock Spire. It is there he witnessed the horrors of war, the killing of thousands of people, and the terrible loss of Anduin Lothar. Three years later, he met the love of his life, Sheliss Valin'Tier, a young, but courageous high-elf who was part of the Eversong Rangers. She had beautiful green eyes, like most high-elves, but hers sparkle as if they were emeralds. She had black, silky hair, as if it was woven by the greatest tailors of Quel'Thalas. She was brave, curious, enthusiastic, but most of all, caring. When their eyes met, it was like love at first sight. Though most outsiders weren't very welcome, Vanier always found a way to meet her. Two years later, he asked her to marry him, he introduced to her a golden ring with a glistening emerald embedded into it. Their wedding day was the most beautiful thing to see. almost a year later, she gave birth to two twin daughters, and a son. The twins were named Kaelista, and Allaen, and the boy was named Elestan.

Four years later, he went to fight the Scourge with Uther the Lightbringer and the Order of the Silver Hand. He witnessed atrocities like the attack on Andorhal, the loss of Stratholme, the young Prince Arthas' loss of hold of his humanity, and the terrible loss of King Terenas and Uther the Lightbringer. Though he went nearly into depression and insanity when all of this happened, the thought of returning to Sheliss kept his spirits up. But, when he returned to Quel'Thalas, he saw what happened to this utopia. He searched for days for Sheliss and his children, but to no avail. Then he saw their bodies next to a pile of corpses, he was heartbroken. He returned to what was left of Lordaeron, angered he took his sword out and started to swing wildly in every direction. Then, his master, Matthew Arintor appeared, he tried to comfort him, but he pushed him away and kept swinging his sword around. Then, he killed someone in the process. He didn't care what he did. But then his master restrained, him but he fought back. Matthew Arintor had no choice but to kill him. They threw his limp corpse into an unmarked grave and left it their. But no one noticed what was going to happen when he'll have a new life... in death.

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