Chapter 1: Encounter with Fate

Born in the druid land of Moonglade, and grown up there, Centious learned about the history of the druid from very young. Soon, he became apprentice of a master, who died nearly three days after. This was all before the destruction of the world tree, and the scourge. As the months and years passed, Centious learned of the different forms of feral combat. He were with an expedition to the land later known as Durotar. Here he and some of his fellow druids would find nothing but red sand everywhere.

Chapter 2: Dangerous Friendship

Now, several years later. The night elves lost their eternal life, and the burning legion is slowly appearing. Centious, after being through alot of torture, was released from his prison in the water. He came out, changed. His long beard and hair was gone, he had short, sticky hair. It looked as if he had been hit by a gnomes electrical bomb. His powers had decreased alot, and he had become alot more silent. He met with a mage, explaining he was stuck in his feral form.

He told the mage about a sword in Stranglethorn. The mage agreed to go with Centious and receive the sword from the snakes that had conquered it. They fought through a horde of snake people before reaching the ritual-mark. Centious kneeled down, taking the sword. After a short period, the sword vanished from his hands, and Centious stepped away. He thanked the mage for helping him. He were just about to escape, when a man charged them, the mage got away, but Centious was hit on the left arm with a dark sword.

Chapter 3: Stormwind!

Centious, now seriously hurt, were lying in the sand. When the mage returned, he gave him some healing salve, and began to run through the jungle of stranglethorn. They made it to Duskwood, then he collapsed. The mage got him to Goldshire, where a doctor came to see him. The doctor requested him to be transferred to Stormwind. When Centious woke up, the mage had left the land. And thats where he is now, stuck in the forest of Elwynn. #

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