Guild The Bleeding Hollow Clan
Gender Female
Race orc
Class warrior
Faction Horde


Cergias was the youngest of five siblings and the only female. She was born in to a respected warrior family of the Bleeding Hollow clan. All her life she competed whit her four older brothers in all things. This resulted in her becoming one of the finest warriors of the clan.

But she had another side that she seldom showed her brothers. Ever from erly childhood she loved animals. Not only wolfs and other beasts of combat but also small things like rabbits and cats. It there for made her sad that all males of her kind seamed to only cear for bloodlust and fornication. Even her brothers who would back her up when she at many times would refuse to take part in the later after a victory was in her eyes the same.

But then her eyes where opened for Rubgrsch. Unlike most of there generation he had not, like Cergias herself, never drunk the blood of the Pit Lord. And there for, like her, he did not love war as much as other orcs. Together they came to find that the earth, and things that live of it, where more happy then the orcs.

The two woved that they would one day cast the way of the warrior aside and live of the land and raise a family. The family would not wait it seamed. For as the Horde march on Stormwind Cergias became pregnant and gave birth to Oga on the eva of the battle. When the news reached her mate however it was a mixed blessing as Rubgrsch had not only goten a duagther but his mate had died in child birth.


Master Burgrsch Demonvoice - Father-in-law
Veriasin Twoblades - Mother-in-law, dead seens the first war
Drugima - Sister-in-law, dead seens the first war
Rubgrsch - Mate

Ximrana "Tainted-Blood" - Sister-in-law, half-orc child of Lady Erina Dreakmore
Oga - Daughter, she is mated and has two sons and one daughter
Gruark the Artcher - Son-in-law


"Sure you can..." said Cergias whit a dreaming smile and handed the image of her daugher to the small humen.
"She do not know... Does she?" whisperd the female orcs ghost.
"That she is dead."
"You most take cear of her, and our child Rubgrsch. Your master will not rest ontill we are all his slaves!"
( A dialogue betwen Cergias and Rubrsch from Journal of an orc Death Knight )


She is not the most intresting character I have created for WoW... But she plays her part well enough being the mother of Oga.

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