What do one do in the Council?

Well, a number of things. Here follows the list of things we do and will do:

Like all meta-guilds we will meet to RP and decide what to do next and so on.

RP Ritual:
We RP rits and spells that bring the storyline forward.

As we are the New Shadow Council, we will be ploting alot. Some of us will be ploting to take control over the Horde maybe even the world! Others will be ploting on ways to protect the Horde and stop us from becming to evil.

RP Avents:
We will go out in to the world and do stuff. Like hunt down a specific mod to get a RP relic or ingredient to one of our rituals/spells. And of corse to carry out our plans, whatever they maybe.

OOC Plans:
We will also, if there is intrest for it, plan storyline where several guilds are involved. What this storylines would be about is unsure as of yet. But we will as IC we are members all the time always be looking to the Councils beast (and our own of corse).


There are many resons why someone would want to join the New Shadow Council, IC that is. One is the character thats evil or dark. The reson he/she joins is the promise of power or/and admiration for Gul'dan. And the chans of geting a high rank whit in the Council.

We also have the coward, this girl/guy has seen or/and heard to much and was given the choise of being killed or joining the council. She/he will always be afraid that the leaders of the council stop finding a use for her/him and end her/his life.

Then theres the Hero. I know this sounds hard to belive, why would a Hero join the bad guys? The anser is simpel, stop them from doing evil stuff from the inside. This guys/girls will be the ones raising there hands when the evil master plan just has been explaned and say: "Couldn't we do that whit out killing all thos innocent peolpe?"

Im sure there are other resons out there but I can't list them all.

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