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A meeting of the council with Mathusala, The Scarlet Hero present.

The Council of Thirteen are the primary members of the Legends of Honor.  They are suppost to lead the new crusade wisly and without corruption.  However they have not fully succeded in their purppose and since have been reformed to only advise ond council rather than debate and controll.

The Original Council

  • Areith Landwalker
  • Talen Windstrider
  • Aiel Brightflame
  • Angelina Moonglow
  • Neckbyteralt *
  • Genisis, The Butcher *
  • Pharootah the valorous
  • Mathnan the Imortal *
  • Pallian the wise *
  • Luke the assassian *
  • Lucifer Warcaller *
  • Zephious *
  • Erithor the Rouge *

*Members who have been exiled for attempting to corrupt the crusade to their designs

The New Members

*Deceased and replaced by Valdelmar

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