The Court of the Sun is lead by the Elf Florindo Asturien.

The members of The Court are fiercely loyal to the Prince, and believe that he will lead them to a better life (regardless of the means necessary).

The Court distinguishes itself by IC'ly having Slaves (referred to in-guild as Minions) - these being members of The Horde of other races than Blood Elf. The act of enslaving a Minion is roleplayed out similar to how a Warlock would enslave a minion (game mechanics wise). IC'ly, members of The Court will heatedly deny to any of the Minions being slaves, instead claiming them to be well paid employees.

OOC'ly, each member of course chooses to join the guild as a Minion, selecting a Master or Mistress they want to - or vice versa, as long as both parts agree on both IC and OOC behaviour and limits for them both. We have a pleasant OOC channel, and help each other out with anything needed as good as we can.

Your experience with The Court

If you play on the Moonglade-EU server and have had roleplay with us, feel free to edit this portion of our page on WoW RP to tell about it.


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Our guild forum has a Character forum as well with info about our members, which can be found at:

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