Crimson Justice
Crimson Justice image
The Sword of the Scarlet hero
Vital statistics
Type two-handed sword
Effects Glows red with the power of runes
Source Created by Mathusala
Cost to buy
Cost to sell

The Sword Mathusala currently uses until he finds the Ashbringer.


Forged upon Mathusala's entering into the crusade, The sword has been used against only undead and cult of the damned members. Then when Mathusala fell down the path to become a death knight, he used his knolege of runes to enchant the sword to absowrb the strength of his enemies. Since then it has been used against any race that comes in his way, even fellow crusaders who become to powerful. It was abandoned in the wastes of Northrend when Mathusala joined Arthas, But upon Mathusala's return. It has been found and reforged.


Named after Salidans speech about bringing "Crimson death to the blue eyed enemy"

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