Daine Farthingwood
Guild Twilight Guard
Gender Female
Race Human
Class Paladin
Faction Alliance

General Information

  • Name: Daine Farthingwood
  • Alignment: ..Just good. *shifty*
  • Age: 19
  • Place of Birth: A small farm in what now would be western Western Plaguelands.
  • Professions: Jewelcrafting and Mining
  • Languages: Common, with pronounciation issues.


Daine was born on a small farm, and spent her entire life there up until around 4 years ago with the coming of the plague. A happy pig farming family, the Farthingwoods didn't believe so much in schooling and nobility, preferring to enjoy the simpler pleasures in life. After coming back from town having run an errand for her family, she came home to find her farm overrun with Scarlets, who had slaughtered and torched everything living there.. not to her knowledge. Pa had said that the pigs were ill, after all.. and one Scarlet had said the pigs attacked her parents (almost jokingly). Seeing how easily this young girl had believed him, they took her to Tyr's Hand for checks. It was there and at the Monastery in Tirisfal that Daine spent the next three years of her life, before being brought to Stormwind with a group of emissaries, planning to plant her in the Church for later use. After serving in The Chapter as Curia, she went missing prior to the final assault on the Undercity, and was assumed dead.

After taking a heavy blow and being disorientated, Daine stumbled away from the battle and collapsed. Awakening a short while later with mild and temporary amnesia, she kept walking in an easterly direction towards 'home'. Eventually ending up in the Hinterlands, she survived here for a time before stalking a dwarf patrol back to Aerie Peak, where she booked the first flight possible back to Stormwind, and from there to Outland.

Since arriving in Shattrath, Daine was reunited with Odrade, and now follows her in her work... when she can.


  • James (Jim), father - Deceased.
  • Margaret, mother - Deceased.

Appearance and Traits

A young woman of average height with nothing particularly remarkable about her. Pale skinned with brown eyes, and sleek red hair pulled quickly back into a ponytail. A few freckles dot the bridge of her nose. Curious, and rather dense. Though a very loving and caring person, Daine will do what is needed to further the mission, despite later feeling remorseful. Fiercely protective of Odrade. Often smiling however, and finds it easy to approach people.

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