Daranus Spellweaver
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Vital statistics
Title Magister
Gender Male
Race Blood Elf
Faction Horde
Class Mage
Profession Alchemist
Health 1026
Level 33
Status Training
Location Moon Guard


Daranus was born into a noble family of Dalaran, which for many years was prosperous, until his Grandfather died and his own father inherited the wealth. Kal'Thalan Spellweaver was not a decent man by anyones standards, abusing his family and spending the inherited fortune on brothels and pubs. Soon there was nothing left of it and Daranus and his family had to move to the Underbelly of Dalaran, where his father was killed in a fight. Luckily for him, a year or two later, his mother started in a relationship with a Magister of the Kirin Tor who noticed potential in the arts of the Arcane for Daranus, whom was taken into an apprenticeship and excelled at the Arcane yet was mediocre in the a





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