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TDE is an active RP guild based on EU- Steamwheedle Cartel, RP-PvE

Basic Information

  • The Dark Embrace is a strict role-playing guild with a monarchical structure. We're trying to create an occult style senate with a dark background. We have our own ceremonies and events, and focus to achieve our goals, which we hide from everyone.
  • The guild works like a council, in which every player can talk and has power to decide our path (more or less depending on your commitment and work), and it's a free organization, not paying loyalty but to themselves.
  • Only rumors have been heard about the Embrace, the gift that The Faith offers to the members of this organization. Some say it's a revelation from the future, a prophetic dream. Others believe is a gift from a long forgotten god, a gift of power beyond living limits.

But only The Faith knows the truth.

General Information

  • No character or class restrictions.
  • Your character must be as low as on the 15th level to join.
  • Alternate characters (Alts) are not allowed inside the guild.
  • We enforce respect towards each other member. We all work for a common goal, so fight among ourselves is pointless.
  • Be sure to check the Roleplaying Policies, as we play on a RP-PvE Server.


  • The guild has it's own ceremonies and events, mostly concerning promotions and demotions. Somehow, we act in a very strict, disciplined and religious way.
  • We plan to create big world-scale events (Alliance side so far, but in the future also Horde ones), along with the other guilds of Steamwheedle Cartel.
  • The Dark Embrace looks after a very political way of RPing, promoting relationship and cooperation with other guilds. However, we also plan to make our presence on Battlegrounds and instance runs (always IC, though).

Joining TDE

Due to the guild's background, in the best case only rumors are heard about the association, and whom to talk to regarding joining. Usually we do our own recruitment, but if you are really interested, write an in-game letter to Lashela, the guild master, Zumi, or Augustus. You will be evaluated on your Role playing skills, and if you fit inside our scheme, will be more than welcome to join us.

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