Dark Sphere

General Information

The Dark Sphere, one of the First guilds on Defias Brother was the only Evil guild at the time. The Guild focuses on Role-playing evil characters, and earned good reputation in succession of many guild leaders, and had many members, among them many very good role-players of the realm.

Some have question the ability of the members to Role-play properly, branding them to not be able to face the consequences for their actions and not willing to role-play realistically. In latter days of the Guild the accusations were tossed of matters being out of hand, and members no longer being fun to play with.  However, the Sphere several times stated that such accusations of unrealistic role-play were hypocricy, saying that their opponents did the very same thing themselves, despite that according to them the odds were already uneven.

Despite the divided opinions, the Guild was reformed into The Netherdawn Empire with the come of the Burning Crusade, and has a very active member core at current time, and has mostly cleared it’s name from accusations made.

After the fall of the Netherdawn Empire, The Dark Sphere was reformed under Ataris the Soulblighter but went underground. It did not emerge before several months later, along with Zaraj Blackblade's conquest of Stormwind. After Blackblade's downfall, the Sphere lasted in a rather small but shady lot of followers. These eventually dispersed into different ways, and what became of the Soulblighter, none knows for certain.

Guild Founder(s): Ataris the Soulblighter, Zaraj Blackblade, Shagrath Sinistershot,Dharum Hatemaul

First Guildmaster: Darkmaster Ataris the Soulblighter

Last Guildmaster: Darkmaster Ataris the Soulblighter

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