Old Greatfather Grumgrell Windfist was the oldest now living member of the Thunderlord Clan. Some said he was really the oldest now living orc, he often even called Greatmother Geyah "young on" or "vixen". Once he had been a mighty and powerful shaman, the orc's of Garadar often had to hear him say things like "I have forgotten more about shamanism then Go'el knows!"

If that was true or not non could say. But it was clear that Grumgrell has not a being of power anymore. He was a Far Seer still, true, but the spirit's hardly hear his call anymore. As well as old age making him irrational.

So it came as a small surprise when one of the guards of Garadar came to Greatmother Geyah telling her that Windfist was trying to go in to the wild. The old orc was not fit to leave, his body was to frail and the spirit was weak. Geyah could only sigh and go to take care of the old one.

"Master Grumgrell!" she said as she found him at the gate. "Young Geyah! Good, tell this brats to get out of my way!" grunted the ancient. The guards looked helplessly at Geyah. "Why are you leaving master?" "The black worm's last fight is coming! There will be black and white beer-men! I most go aid the young weaklings out there kill the destroyer! Now see to it that this children let me pass woman!" "Deathwing will die? Are you sure?" "Yes yes! I have seen it! Now I most go!" "Please master Grumgrell, if you seen it won't it come true in any case?" "But... Those warrior will need shamans!" "Go'le will help them, you remember Go'le my grandson. Be sides your needed here! To keep the old tradition's alive!" "Hmf... well maybe... I have seen a couple that need's... something... and then there's..."

And so Geyah lead Grumgrell away. The old orc muttering to himself. Song's of the Glade Main Score

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