Deepstalker Shadeheart
File:Deepstalker armours.jpg

Battle (left) and Emerald (right) Armour

Guild Chosen Of Cenarius
Gender Male
Race Night Elf
Class Warrior
Faction Alliance

General Information

Deepstalker is a Night Elf Warrior on the The Venture Co. (EU) Realm. He is 9,173 years old, a Guardian of the Chosen Of Cenarius and the current Emerald Knight of Cenarius. Deepstalker is most certainly not his real name, though he is reluctant to use any other. In his own words: "I was named long ago by people who did not know who I would be. I gladly accept the name I have been given by my mortal friends, for they know my true nature and are the only ones capable of naming me."

He is deeply opposed to Teldrassil and prefers not to near the isle, unless it is to see Tyrande. He holds extreme animosity towards any member of the Vile Thorn or Shatterskull Marauders, though after a large amount of research (and quite a bit of difficulty), he has a pact of peace with most Tauren he encounters, thanks to their links through Cenarius and Malorne.


His armour was gifted to him by the spirit of Cenarius himself, and appears as a suit of solid Emerald with a Wolfshead helm. In battle, the armour is blessed to revert to a more battle-ready form, though an emerald sheen can still be seen across it at all times.

He appears larger than the average Night Elf, quite likely due to the several small green liquid-filled vials he wears on his belt.

Recent Activity

Lately, Deepstalker spends most of his time defending against repeated Horde attacks on the lands surrounding his adopted home of Stormwind (despite the fact he actually lives atop Stonetalon Peak and has done for several months now.).

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