Since his childhood days of gambolling in the branches of the young Life Tree, Devron has always been an agile, and playful Night Elf. As a youngster he would often be found with other people's loose change in his pockets, but he never considered it to be stealing, more the challenge of borrowing something without the owner noticing.

During the long centuries of the druids hibernation in the Emerald Dream, Devron was a nuisance to the Sentinels who policed Kalimdor. He never did anything too serious, but petty theft was never far from his ways. When the Dark Portal was opened and the Orcs and Humans came to Kalimdor fighting the Burning Legion Devron's life was changed forever. Initially he took little notice of the squabbling of the mortal races, but when Archimonde's attack on the Life Tree was repelled with devastating consequences for the Tree and the Night Elves were forced to retreat to the new Tree, Teldrassil, Devron realised that he could no longer be a spectator in life.

Upon arriving on Teldrassil he set out to put his talents to good use, and soon learned the skills of combat. Seeking out and dealing with the corruption that had infected his new home Devron realised that there was a lot more ill in the world that needed to be put right. Venturing forth from the lands he new, he explored all corners of Azeroth fighting the corruption that had stemmed from the invasion of the Burning Legion. Finally feeling himself ready to confront the Legion on it's own soil, Devron ventured through the Dark Portal, to find new lands devastated by fel energies, but also lands of great beauty which reminded him of home.

While on a mission for the Blood Elves of Shattrath City, he discovered a Night Elf, imprisoned by the Broken, but in what appeared to be a charade. This Night Elf was none other than Maiev Shadowsong, the jailor of Illidan Stormrage, who told Devron that the one responsible for all the ills that had befallen the Night Elf people was now at large and building an army in the Black Temple, but that he, Devron, had the power to defeat Illidan once and for all

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