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Dharum Hatemaul, lvl 60 rogue, Defias Brotherhood

(short background from Defias Brotherhood times) Dharum Hatemaul, a chaotic dwarven rogue, haft dark-iron. He was one of the first members of the Dark Sphere and served in many various ranks in it. He was the first Shadowlord , Grand Torturer, High Executioner and many other titles. With help of Fira Firefiend, he was able to break free from the Sphere alive, which noone else before him had succeeded. Faking his own death after a battle with Zaraj Blackblade he was nearly free but Ataris the Soulbligther locked him in to a prison, torturing him daily. Dharum was trapped in the prison for months but then his friend, Jerran Cavanaugh freed him. They both were able to leave alive from the infulence of the Sphere. After the death of Melnerag the Gearholder, Dharum escaped to the jungles to hide. Many months later he eventually helped in resurecting the Gearholder, and rejoined to the Sphere this time being lead by Shagrath Sinistershot. After Shagrath gave up on his leadership for the Sphere, the guild started slowly falling. Dharum left the Sphere after being captured by the Chapter, he payed large sums of gold for the church and was let free. He then decided to retire from his current work. Few months later he mysteriously disappeared. Rumour says he left to the broken world of Draenor to try find peace but was hunted down by mage Aqian and Jerran Cavanaugh. With help of mercenaries they killed Dharum Hatemaul.

Many months later he reappered in Dun Morogh, no one knows how or why, but he had lost his memory. Most people had also forgotten him allready. He joined up to the Dwarven Rifle Squad and has served there ever since.

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