Dmirty Laniki (Real Name Dmitri or Dmitry
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Vital statistics
Title N/A
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Will Fight for all Alliance Forces
Health 976
Level 23
Status Alive
Location Menethil Harbor

Dmirty Laniki (Real name Dmirti or Dmitry) is a Human Warrior Fighting for the Alliance Against all who oppose it


Dmitri was born 23 years ago in Lordaeron to Anna Laniki (alive) and Unitvi Laniki (Alive) as a Baby he took intrest in Weapons and instead of Attending Reguler School he attended Military school. He now knows how to use Ranged Weapons (Guns, Bows, Etc...) His family moved to Stormwind when he was 13 thankfully avoiding the Scourge attack on Lordaeron, some time later after Graduateing from Military School he Joined the stormwind Army. He Has Extreme Hatred for the Horde, and all Undead. He Longs to see his Birthland of Lordaeron Fred from the Undead.


Dmitri is a Member of the Stormwind army his Parents are Fairly Young (Both only in there 40s) and still visit him often his father teaching him what he knew. Dmitri Currently Fights for the Dwarves of Ironforge in The Wetlands to retake it for the Dwarven Kingdom of Khaz Modan.


Dmitri will Use his Gun to Strike the First Blow against the Enemy and usually kills them with Ranged but if they get to him before that he kills them with his two handed sword.


"I Long for the Blood of the Horde" "The Undead will not go unpunished" "With the swiftness of my Gun i will kill them" "FOR THE ALLIANCE!"


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