Dogar Stormward
Guild La Danse Macabre
Gender Male
Race Orc
Class Shaman
Faction Horde

Name: Dogar Stormward

Clan: Bleeding Hollow

Age: 28

Birthplace: An interment camp

Dogar's history of guilds

Dogar started out as a member of a small multi-race guild called The Bleeding Hollow Clan'. After a while however, he switched to become a member of the Orcs of the Red Blade with time rising through the ranks, becoming Elder, High Blade, Overlord and eventually even Chieftain, becoming the second orc ever to command the Tribe, during the time when Akesha left the Tribe. Upon her return, Dogar left the Red Blade, wandered for a while and then returned to become a High Blade once again. This was not to last, and soon he would leave the Red Blade again, this time permantly, to join his old friend Morgush as a part of the mercenary band Bloodpack. As happens with hired swords, some became greedy, and Bloodpack ceased to excist, from there Dogar moved to La Danse Macabre, of which he is currently still a member, holding the position of Quartermaster.

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