Doomstrike is Undead Warrior (soon to be Death Knight) belonging to Grid, who plays on EU Earthen Ring


Name: The Doomstrike


Nature: Soul Eater

Family: Radus Nightscythe (Night Elf)

Indepth Information

Hazy at best, however the Doomstrike has existed for many thousands of years, somehow, never changing as time passes him by. Rarely seen, and only seen at night,
 he is an omen of great despair to those familiar with him, despair caused either by himself or an event yet to come. He always rides upon the back of his skeletal steed, his greatsword and scythe strapped across the back of the mighty horse. Doomstrike's trademark is his black armour and glowing red eyes within the hollowness of the helmet he wears. Powerful with the necromantic arts and able to control darkness (as manifestations of a swarm of ravens or crows), he rules as the undisputed leader of a secretive cult, dubbed 'The Ravenim', which formed by Reanimated dead, forsaken, and bloodelves... they assemble tomes of dark arcane knowledge, practising the arts told within.


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