Drathanos Namanth
File:Drathanos namanth.jpg
Guild Unguilded
Gender Male
Race Night Elf
Class Rogue
Faction Alliance

Drathanos Namanth belongs to a group called Avalon (at Moonglade (EU)). Formerly a member of Ebon Flame, the chaotic natured man saw the lawful organization as an obstacle in his way.

General Information

  • Apperance: Tall, slender. Always moving carefully and elegantly. Smiles a lot, sarcastically? Who knows.
  • Age: Equivalent to human 30s.
  • Born: Ashenvale(unconfirmed)
  • Father: Deepdream
  • Mother: (name forgotten)
  • Siblings: Possible
  • Children: Possible
  • Marital Status: Single


Drathanos' past marks his personality quite colourfully. Having formerly been a student of nature's force, and now a deathstalker, his reasoning has become very chaotic. The two opposites are not rivaling against each others, but more like shifting like a dune. The elf has not yet been driven to madness -being very determined when he wants to- even though many would clearly claim otherwise. Indeed, at times the cold killing machine stops caring for himself, and aids his 'friends' with his life. He does not try to hide either aspect of his mood, but usually just ignores people when they question his ways.

He is scarred by love and hate. Haunted by past and is scared of the future, but does not any of them bother at all. Instead he seems to take them all very lightly as he concentrates on the passing moment.


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