The Dreadhorde is an unofficial Horde coalition of guilds and clans, dedicated to heavy PvP and moderate role-play (severity of RP varies between each guild). Since the early days of the Age of Chaos, the Dreadhorde has been an ever present threat to the Alliance, ready at a moment's notice to advance the Horde's goals.

Member Organizations

Blacktooth Grin-The Venture Co.

Dark Clan of Fenris-The Venture Co.

Redwood Tribe-Emerald Dream

Rutilus Luna-Twisting Nether

Thunderhoof Clan-The Venture Co.

Warsong Battalion-Emerald Dream

Windsong Pack-Wyrmcrest Accord

If your guild is a member of the Dreadhorde that is not listed here, please feel free to add the guild name, server, and an external hyperlink to your guild's summary page on the official World of Warcraft Armory.

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