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The Ebon Flame is a roleplaying guild on the Moonglade (EU) server.

Basic OOC Information

Ebon Flame is a roleplay guild but with a practical approach - we encourage roleplay in all aspects but we also enjoy raiding, addressing the harder challenges facing Azeroth as time goes by. We value community, friendship and maturity above all else, and will welcome those matching our spirit and character who seek to serve.



The Ebon Flame

Throughout time, a secret order called the Ebon Flame has existed in this realm we call Azeroth. Their numbers vary greatly, from thousands at the peak of their power in the past to only a few remaining before the current incarnation. The soul of the brotherhood is kept safe in the most senior of our order since time began. The dark shape seen in the eyes of the current leader represents the past lives of all who have gone, and all who will come to be. It is a heavy burden.

The size of the Ebon Flame varies with the need for it. Some guiding force seems to influence its shape and form. In times of peace, only a few guardians carry forward its ideals, and keep safe the past texts of battle and glory. Yet in days of great need, always a new leader will come, and with him, fresh warriors ready to carry the cause of our brotherhood.

The current incarnation of the Ebon Flame has been in existence now for over a year, and is lead by the Kaldorei warrior Thalos.

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