Elosai Sorel
Guild Order of the Sword
Gender Female
Race Human
Class Priest
Faction Alliance

Elosai Sorel was a High Priestess of the Order of the Sword, and also brother of Theramore's Admiral, Kyelv Sorel. She was in love with Melkorius Galahand, the Death Knight son of Tristam Galahand.


Name: Elosai Sorel
Birthplace: Andorhal, Lordaeron
Resting place: Stormwind City
Family: -


Elosai was born at the spark of the Third War, and never really knew her family. Her mother was killed by the Scourge, and her father and brother were out fighting them. After her mother was killed, a Scarlet took her in and cared for her. When she was ten years old, he left her at the orphanage in Stormwind, and she grew up to become a Priestess in the nearby Cathedral. She cast a spell to heal Ajaxicullies, also giving him the Order since he is the son of it's founder, Arthor Valor. The spell put her into a deep sleep, which lasted until Ajaxicullies would die. Eventually, Ajaxicullies did, and Elosai awoke from her sleep. She married Melkorius, and they moved to Hillsbrad. Not long after they moved in, the town was attacked by the Syndicate. They killed her, burning down her home and killing many of the foothill's citizens.

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