Chapter 1

Liron Stormtrident swung his two-handed greatsword.

It flashed through the air in a silver-and-golden blur, and connected with the surprised felblood elf's glowing blade. "I know that Prince Kael'Thas Sunstrider has ordered you here, fel elf. Tell me why." The broadsword, in another blur, was at the sin'dorei's neck, pressing in slowly but steadily. Dead bodies of sin'dorei lay littered about. Liron, a blood knight, and the last felblood elf, were the only ones standing.

Dozens of sin'dorei guards attempting to protect the Sunwell stood at guard, weapons ready. Yet hundreds more of their kind lay dead. And a rift in the air was opening. More of Kael's men were coming. Liron growled and hacked even deeper into the neck.

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