The founder and ruler of the Naaru'Sha. Isredel is a well known figure in religious circles, yet little is known about him. His followers are fervent Light worshippers, although their methods of implementation of The Lights virtues are in constant question.

The Fist of The Heavens

The Fist of The Heavens is a title given to the Exarch by his adored followers. Little is known about his past, or present. He allegedly fought in the Eredun civil war on Argus and the battles on Draenor. Many suspect these claims are true as when knowledge of Melchamas, Lord of The Flamewrath Division hit the Exodar Isredel quickly circulated communications with the Naaru to ensure he stayed alive, seeing the Eredar as a fitting example to the almighty power of The Light.

Isredel now controls the Naaru'Sha from within the Exodar in a secret chamber. He commonly travels to Shattrath city to talk with A'dal and issue his wishes back to his followers on Azeroth.

Isredel rarely engages in the Draenei war affairs anymore, he has appointed a champion: Melchamas the Relinquished to deal with such things himself. Rumours say that Isredel will only fight once again when the Holy War which the Naaru speak of approaches. Other rumours say he can bend the Lights energies to his very will and cause the normally soothing power of The Light to strike its enemies down, smiting their bodies into oblivion.

Whatever is said, Isredel himself reveals nothing. His movements, like those of his order, are largeley secret. Draenei know they exist, but they just don't know why.

Physical Appearence

Isredel's appearence is largely a mystery too. He is always seen (on that rare occasion he is) garbed in religious clothing, with a hood obscuring his face, light seems to eminate from within the hood itself. What can be seen of his skin reveals Isredel's skin colour to be a glowing white. He is also always seen carrying a large crystaline hammer, a Naaru implement of religious rites.

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