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Fayla Darkmane
Guild Last Stand
Gender Female
Race Tauren
Class Druid
Faction Horde

Fayla Darkmane is a member of Last Stand.

General Information

  • Age: 35
  • Marital status: Single
  • Occupation: Skinner, Leatherworker.
  • Languages: Taurahe, Orcish.
  • Likes: Golems, Eating, Spying.


  • Mane: Black .
  • Eye color: Red.
  • Other Features: Has white stripes on her nose.


Fayla is calm, patient, friendly and clumsy.


Fayla was raised up by her father who was known as the best engineer in their village. She admired her fathers work, and wanted to become an engineer too, but fine machinery and clumsiness just didn't mix. It made her father sad. He tried everything to make Fayla learn, but she just seemed to break everything she laid her hands on.

She refused to give up on her dream though. And on her 18th birthday, when it was time to say goodbye to her father and start a new life on her own, she showed her father an invisible golem which she had been working on for 5 years. This golem was amazing! it knew hot to cook, clean the house, tell funny jokes, and sometimes it made her dance uncontrollably. Her father was very proud of her, and wished her the best in life. Then Fayla picked up the invisible golem and danced away from her home village without ever looking back.

She is 35 years old now, and has finally given up on engineering. The invisible golem broke up a few years ago when fayla tried to add more functions to it. Now it only makes her dance occasionally.

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