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Feathermoon (US)

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Feathermoon (US) is a US-based role-playing server for the popular MMORPG World of Warcraft. Feathermoon (US) was one of the realms available at the initial release of the game. Server time mimics that of of the North American Pacific Time, which is UTC -08:00 - or UTC -07:00 during Daylight Savings time. It is a member of the Cyclone (US) Battlegroup.

The Feathermoon (US) server is named after General Shandris Feathermoon, current leader of the Sentinels Army. Considered to be a great hero of the War of the Ancients and the Third War, Shandris is a skilled marksman and hunter, and led a cadre of Sentinels known as the Shadowleaves during the Third War. She can be found in-game in the Feathermoon Stronghold in western Feralas.


A number of channels have been established in both the Horde and the Alliance for discussion of various aspects of the game. Many of them are in-character or discuss World of Warcraft lore and how it relates to role-playing. Players are invited to join these channels and participate in the discussions there.

In order to access any of these channels, use any of the appropriate chat channel commands such as /join <channel_name>. Please note that there is a ten channel limit in-game and that players in one faction that join a channel cannot communicate with players of the opposing faction in that same channel.


  • FMNetOOC - (OOC) channel with the people of
  • GlobalChat - (OOC) global chat channel for the gamers of Feathermoon (US)
  • Lore - (OOC) lore discussion
  • Paladin - (IC) in-character Paladin discussion and role-play
  • PQ - (IC) channel devoted to quests run by players
  • SWU - (IC) discussion and role-play related to the Stormwind University
  • TriviaGame - (OOC) trivia fun
  • Warrior - (OOC) warrior discussion moderated by Fallidor
  • Alliance - (OOC) Alliance defense channel for PvP


  • FMScience - (OOC) science-related discussion and other geekery
  • GlobalChat - (OOC) global chat channel for the gamers of Feathermoon (US)
  • SWU - (IC) discussion and role-play related to the Stormwind University
  • Horde - (OOC) Defense channel for PvP

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