The Un-Cuffed Gang

Once, long ago, Frank Shmenla was a pickpocket. He did this for a living until he picked the wrong pocket; the pocket of the Dark Lady herself. He was caught doing so and was sentenced to be dismantled for apothecary use. Luckily for Frank, there was a jailbreak two days before he was scheduled for his punishment. He Barely escaped with a few other prisoners. But when he escaped he did not run far, merely back to the place where what he had originally stolen something from the Dark Lady and took it again. He then, with the other prisoners, formed the Un-cuffed gang which vowed to spend its time breaking more and more people out of jail. Unfortunately they only managed to bust out two more groups of prisoners before they had to flee into the Zangomarsh due to the ever rising bounty on their heads.

Zombzorz the Pestilential

Not long after they fled to the Zangomarsh, an undead rogue called Zombzorz found them and challenged Frank after a long argument over if Zombzorz was a member of the Forsaken or not. Zombzorz won and seized power over the Gang and reformed it into The Silent Spore.

Current Status

Currently Frank is one of the chief members in The Silent Spore and he still holds the ambitions of trying to free more prisoners...

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