The Froststeel Company

What is this 'Company'?

The Froststeel Company is a fulltime roleplaying guild with a neutral mercenary setting, based in Conquest Hold. It was founded by members from the Northwind Company which broke off and formed its own Company.

We try to uphold a standard of both qualitative and quantitative roleplaying, with regular events and random roleplaying.

We keep as open as possible and offer roleplaying to not only our guild members, but also people from other communities. Feel free to contract us Icly!

So how does this all work out?

The Company is lead by Zen'jan and its officers, who accept contracts, organise and lead missions and other events both Icly and OOCly. It has a rank structure which is organised in a military-like way, effectively encouraging a character's aspirations and ambitions. Being based in Conquest Hold, and allegance to the Horde, a large part of our roleplaying is player versus player orientated. Most of our events are missions, allowing for immersive roleplaying which includes a lot of action.

Why would you want to join?

Well, to most characters, it's a rather dangerous job which pays well. Who doesn't want that?

To the people behind the keyboards, the Froststeel Company is an active roleplaying guild with a great OOC athmosphere.

How to join?

Please write an application at our website [[1]], you'll be contacted by an officer as soon as possible!

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